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What is iCampPro?

At iCampPro, we believe it’s essential to spend less time behind the desk and more time doing what you love. To help accomplish this, we developed a cutting-edge software solution to help manage the entire camp process from sign-up to sundown.

Built by the experts at iClassPro, the world’s leading class management software for children’s activity centers, iCampPro, is prided on having decades of experience creating feature-rich software.

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Who are we?

In 2020, iClassPro proudly partnered with one of the nation’s largest and most respected summer camps to understand every facet of the industry. After spending countless hours learning the ins and outs of the camp space, iCampPro was born.

Backed by the knowledge gained from our partnership, our team of smart and talented people, and the experience and reputation of iClassPro, iCampPro will undoubtedly be the world’s leading camp management software for overnight, day, and family camps.

About iClassPro: iClassPro is a US-based class management software company headquartered in Longview, Texas. With thousands of customers worldwide, iClassPro delivers robust, reliable, and the utmost effective class management software for multiple industries, including camping, gymnastics, cheer, swim, dance, and many more. Learn more about iClassPro here.

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